My Creative Lab experience

by Ray Tran

On the 22nd of December there was a Christmas Dinner organized by the NHTV Housing Facility for International students who couldn’t go home for the holidays. On behalf of the Creative Lab I had the chance to make a video of the evening. It was fun to meet the enthusiastic organizing team and also the international students. I gained experience on how to use some equipment such as the Sony A7s camera, as I had never used them before. I also even made some money with it!

This was the first project that I did for the Creative Lab. I was free to choose a project, meet new people, gain experience and even got paid! If you are into the production field, don’t hesitate and come visit the Creative Lab open meetings!

Have you met Anneliene?

Anneliene van den Boom

Nice to meet you, my name is Anneliene van den Boom. A twenty-two year old, fourth year IMEM student suffering from a serious degree of Wanderlust. Then why would you stay in the same city, at the same university on which you have already spent 2.5 years?! Excellent question! While a lot of my classmates and friends have decided to write their bachelor thesis anywhere but the Netherlands, I am an intern at the Creative Lab in Breda. The reason for that is because the Creative Lab offered a unique opportunity.

Last year the Creative Lab premiered with the very first film for the Oculus Rift at the Go Short International Short Film Festival. This year we are invited back and I am one of the two producers (Have you met Hannah?) responsible for producing a new film. After three years of experimenting with 2D videos for all kinds of purposes I am excited to try something new. Besides learning and applying a different approach of producing a film I will also be conducting research for my bachelor thesis. No worries I will not bore you with my research methods and other theoretical stuff. But keep an eye on this space as you can participate in a fun way. Be sure to also visit the Creative Lab meetings every Thursday at 16:00 on the 2nd floor.

Now you know a lot about the fact that I am really excited for the upcoming half a year. Some of you might wonder what I did the past 22 years. Here is a quick re-cap: I was born and raised in lovely village Wanroij where I finished my pre-university secondary education (VWO). After graduating from high school I moved to Breda to start my studies as an International Media & Entertainment student. For my internship at LVB Networks a content marketing company where I worked at the department of Video Marketing I moved to Amersfoort. After which I moved to Finland for half a year. After a summer of again working in Amersfoort I returned back to Breda to finish my studies. Since I cannot seem to get enough of moving I moved back in with my parents, two not-so-little-brothers and my cat. From where I am currently traveling back and forward to Breda. If you want to know more about me, discuss TV-series or want to share your ideas for the Oculus Rift film come find me in the train to Breda or just come over to the Creative Lab.



Hi! I’m Hannah

Hannah       the Intern

So where all of my classmates were worrying about finding an internship at a big production company, I decided to stay closer to home.  Why you might wonder? The Creative Lab provides great opportunities for students and therefore for me too. What attracted me at first was the possibility to create a 360-degree film for the Oculus Rift. Films for the Oculus Rift are only just appearing very slowly, so this would mean I would be at the forefront of new film technology. Exciting right?!

So who am I?
I’m Hannah Syrett, a fourth year IMEM student who is 24 years old and born in the UK (but raised in the Netherlands). After my internship at Talpa I found that my passion lies in the television industry. I love the speed, chaos, fun, excitement, deadlines, team work and especially the results. It’s amazing to see the results on television of something that you worked on.

My favourite IMEM moments:
Producing a tv show in flagstaff and managing a group of 15 people (being in America helped a lot of course). We won ‘best overall show’, go team!
Creating a television show for mADE TV which was pitched to IDTV and received positive responses.

Why am I right person for this internship?
I’m hard working and enthusiastic! With a group of 5 class mates in total I’ve worked on creating a horror film for the Oculus Rift. We’ve already shot all of the footage and it was amazing! We are currently working in the post production phase, which might still take a while. So you could say I’ve got a little experience (notice the word little). I love being creative even though I struggle with it sometimes and I believe I can manage a group well and keep them enthusiastic.

So that’s a little insight in to me. Want to know more? Why not come to the Creative Lab open meetings!
Ok, you don’t need to come to the meetings for me.. come for yourself and find out all the possibilities the Creative Lab offers!
You can also join in on brainstorming and the production of the new 360-degree film for the Oculus Rift!
See you soon ;)

ADE Connecting Data – Mini Conference Cafe

The Academy of Digital Entertainment (ADE) is organizing a mini-conference cafe on connecting data with some interesting speakers. See the program below and join the event!

When: 2nd December
Where: Staff canteen, N-Building, NHTV, Mgr. Hopmanstraat 1, Breda
What: Presentations and discussions on gaming, simulations, urban planning, consumer behavior, media, internet commerce, and much more.
Who: Various keynote speakers from industry and knowledge institutions
Why: Share knowledge and discussion about the role of data and entertainment in connecting NHTV fields. Potential role of ADE and NHTV.
Whom:NHTV professors, researchers, lecturers, students, industry advisory board members and everybody who is interested in how connections between fields within NHTV can be made.

Tentative program
13:30 Welcome
13:40 How ‘data’ is changing our world? Prof Dr Jaap van den Herik
Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, Leiden University
14:05 Data simulations Dr Igor Mayer Associate professor Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at Delft University of Technology
14:30 Break I
15:00 Games, Data and Behavior Dr Mata Haggis
Academy for Digitial Entertainment, NHTV University of Applied Sciences
15:25 Measuring Consumer Preferences Dr Maryam Miradi
Data Scientist Ahold, Belastingdienst and Director/Owner at Profound Analytics
15:50 Break II
16:00 Data en Persuasion Dr Maurits Kaptein
Assistant professor in Artificial Intelligence at Radboud University, Nijmegen, cofounder
16:25 Drinks
16:30 Panel on connecting data @ NHTV
17:15 Network drinks

LAB Talks


Another inspirational evening coming up, introducing LAB (Learning And Beer) Talks! An evening filled with a good variety of speakers, we invite you once again to get inspired and exchange ideas. Of course, at the end of all the talks we invite anyone on stage to be a ‘one minute wonder’! Speakers will be announced in the weeks to come on the event page. See you there!


Find more information on the Facebook event.

Performatory and Creative Lab publish campus manifest

As you might have seen on our Facebook, the Lab, together with the Performatory of the Academy for Leisure, have pinned down their manifest surrounding the new NHTV campus. For those that would like to read the full manifest, we’ve got it right here.


The Inspiration Incubator

As a response to the NHTV Campus developments of today we, The Performatory and The Creative Lab, want to share our view on creating an open, inspiring and creative meeting space.

Imagine a space where both creative thinkers and creative designers work together, share knowledge and strengthen each other. A space where we have all resources available to expand the experimental output generated with projects of The Performatory and The Creative Lab. A space where students, experts like staff and researchers, alumni and professionals co-create new and existing real life projects that will have an impact on the modern world. A space which brings together creativity and expertise and offers student the opportunity to work on projects of their own.

Not only by sharing knowledge but also because of cross-sectorial cooperation we are able to inspire each other and solve problems that seemed impossible to crack. We want to promote multidisciplinary cooperation between all different academies that, with the construction of the NHTV Campus, are all largely situated on one location. This creative meeting space would be the heart of NHTV’s creative soul and the perfect incubator for generating new innovative solutions to (old) problems.

We believe it is a great opportunity for NHTV to showcase projects, both running and completed, and moreover to show all students, staff, researchers, alumni and professionals what facilities NHTV offers them. A space where inspirational events can be held and where impulsive, cross-sectorial meetings lead to multidisciplinary teams working together to gain more experience and knowledge on their personal field of interest.

A space for NHTV, for all. A creative playing field.
The Inspiration Incubator
On behalf of The Performatory & The Creative Lab


Mark Stevens shortfilm ‘I <3 U 4FR’ screens on 27th of October

Foto 4

Born in Maastricht, the Netherlands, Mark Stevens studied at the film academy in Genk, Belgium. Besides that he made several projects in Belgium and the Netherlands, including the video clip ‘Woodstock’ for the Dutch band ‘Late as Usual’, the ‘New Orleans skyscraper’ promotion video for Vesteda Rotterdam and the short film ‘Deus ex Machina’. Some of Mark’s films are made together with producer Oscar Bastiaens, which included Mark’s graduation film ‘I <3 U 4VR’.

Mark just loves storytelling and all aspects of it. He focuses on a good story and then seeks a style that fits with the story, not the other way around. Art-direction and sound design are two aspects were Mark emphasis on in all his films. In‘I <3 U 4VR’,  Mark takes these elements to a higher-level.

‘I <3 U 4VR’ is set in the future were the digital world has taken over the real life communication. Is this the life we adore, stuck to our phone and social media? The film has an untypical art direction style and that’s what makes the film so fascinating.’

For more information on the film screening event, click here.

Lab resident 2014-2015

The Creative Lab is excited to present its new resident!

Stefan Lugtigheid


Hi I’m Stefan Lugtigheid, I graduated from the Master in Media Innovation in 2012. I’m currently working as a product designer on ProjectBooks.

With ProjectBooks we are trying to change the approach for tracking your working hours. People generally hate to track their hours and postpone it. And the more you postpone it, the harder it becomes to remember what you did during a day.

During a workday, you use software application to get your work done (e.g. e-mail, calendar, Photoshop, …). While working with those applications, you already leave traces of what you did, for example by saving a file or sending an e-mail. ProjectBooks collects all those traces to “guess” what you did during your day. We believe that in the future, tracking your hours will be a fully automated process.

For ProjectBooks, I’m turning abstract problems into concrete solutions together with the development team. This means the idea development, design, technical development and testing of our web application, iOS application and the marketing websites.

Feel free to come by and say hello!

Weekly open lab meetings

As of the academic year 2014 – 2015 the Lab will organize the ‘Open Lab Meetings’ every Thursday from 16:00 to 17:00 at the Lab (NHTV, N-building, N2.101). Everyone is welcome to join these meetings in which we will discuss the progress of running projects, but also provide everyone the chance to talk about a project they want to start or to join in on one of the projects the Lab will start. On our events calendar you can see whenever these meetings will take place.

See you there!

‘Dyskinetic’, now available to anyone

Our oculus film ‘Dyskinetic‘ is now available to download. Click the link and start downloading the zip file that contains a male (M) and female (F) version of the film. Please take into account that calibration has to be 100% correct, this sometimes may fail. Restarting the oculus is a simple way to get this solved. In order to get the best experience, have the viewer lie down and make sure there is no background noise.

Happy viewing!