Mark Stevens shortfilm ‘I <3 U 4FR’ screens on 27th of October

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Born in Maastricht, the Netherlands, Mark Stevens studied at the film academy in Genk, Belgium. Besides that he made several projects in Belgium and the Netherlands, including the video clip ‘Woodstock’ for the Dutch band ‘Late as Usual’, the ‘New Orleans skyscraper’ promotion video for Vesteda Rotterdam and the short film ‘Deus ex Machina’. Some of Mark’s films are made together with producer Oscar Bastiaens, which included Mark’s graduation film ‘I <3 U 4VR’.

Mark just loves storytelling and all aspects of it. He focuses on a good story and then seeks a style that fits with the story, not the other way around. Art-direction and sound design are two aspects were Mark emphasis on in all his films. In‘I <3 U 4VR’,  Mark takes these elements to a higher-level.

‘I <3 U 4VR’ is set in the future were the digital world has taken over the real life communication. Is this the life we adore, stuck to our phone and social media? The film has an untypical art direction style and that’s what makes the film so fascinating.’

For more information on the film screening event, click here.

Lab resident 2014-2015

The Creative Lab is excited to present its new resident!

Stefan Lugtigheid


Hi I’m Stefan Lugtigheid, I graduated from the Master in Media Innovation in 2012. I’m currently working as a product designer on ProjectBooks.

With ProjectBooks we are trying to change the approach for tracking your working hours. People generally hate to track their hours and postpone it. And the more you postpone it, the harder it becomes to remember what you did during a day.

During a workday, you use software application to get your work done (e.g. e-mail, calendar, Photoshop, …). While working with those applications, you already leave traces of what you did, for example by saving a file or sending an e-mail. ProjectBooks collects all those traces to “guess” what you did during your day. We believe that in the future, tracking your hours will be a fully automated process.

For ProjectBooks, I’m turning abstract problems into concrete solutions together with the development team. This means the idea development, design, technical development and testing of our web application, iOS application and the marketing websites.

Feel free to come by and say hello!

Weekly open lab meetings

As of the academic year 2014 – 2015 the Lab will organize the ‘Open Lab Meetings’ every Thursday from 16:00 to 17:00 at the Lab (NHTV, N-building, N2.101). Everyone is welcome to join these meetings in which we will discuss the progress of running projects, but also provide everyone the chance to talk about a project they want to start or to join in on one of the projects the Lab will start. On our events calendar you can see whenever these meetings will take place.

See you there!

‘Dyskinetic’, now available to anyone

Our oculus film ‘Dyskinetic‘ is now available to download. Click the link and start downloading the zip file that contains a male (M) and female (F) version of the film. Please take into account that calibration has to be 100% correct, this sometimes may fail. Restarting the oculus is a simple way to get this solved. In order to get the best experience, have the viewer lie down and make sure there is no background noise.

Happy viewing!

BLOG: Dyskinetic, the aftermath. By Brenden Gibbons


Creating Dyskinetic was a strange experience for me. After all, I’m a game designer by trade, but the idea of tackling some of the challenges that creating a film for the oculus rift presented was just too interesting to pass up, especially the idea of writing something that made sense considering you could look around, but not move. I learnt a lot in the time that I spent and created something that I was massively proud of, but I know there’s more that we can do.

In the beginning, I had a few simple personal goals, make something that showed off the potential for using the oculus rift for films, the potential for first person cinema and to attract other creators. Someone with time and resources could make something potentially amazing, but there was too much focus on tech, not enough on exploring the interaction or the interface of the experience. So whatever was made, I wanted it to tell a story, to actually be one of the first things to really explore the narrative potential within a virtual reality experience.

The brainstorming process was relatively quick because of all the restrictions we had. We only had two GoPro cameras. We only had two months of time to do everything and the manpower of two people who were busy with other commitments. We settled on a concept where the viewer and the character was on a bed, so the viewer couldn’t move their head to see where we couldn’t film because we only had two cameras. This didn’t end up exactly working, we still had people sitting up, looking behind, looking at the seam, but it ended up being part of the experience itself.

We worked slowly in the beginning and spending a few hours each week trying to slowly figure out the tech, but with the deadline looming, we spent more and more time trying to understand how the process could work. There was very little documentation on creating something like this. I had an epiphany of how it needed to work and suddenly, it all began to fall into place.

However, it still took a lot of mental power and a lot of bashing my head against programs to make them work the way I wanted to when I hadn’t even heard of them two-three weeks before, but I was getting closer and closer. I managed to go through the full post-production process and created a short five second film about two days before the actual shooting.

The final post processing took about 3-4 working days, with me still stumbling over some of the programs I managed to vaguely understand and then I handed it off to Oscar. It was so odd because I felt triumphant that I had finally completed this, but I wouldn’t even see someone else watch it properly until six days, since I was to go to Berlin for a games festival.

And on the final day of GoShort, I was there. It was quiet, since the shops were closed, but there was still a stream of people, waiting patiently for half an hour just to watch a 7 minute experience. A woman even told me that she had thought she would ask me to stop the film because she almost cried, but her hearing me and her friend talk about it had reminded her that it was just fiction. Another told me that the experience felt spiritual.

It.. was odd to think that my work had such an effect on someone else and in my head, whilst i know it was a success and I’m happy with what we managed to do, there’s so many things that can be done better. I have a lot of thoughts about how to make a second one, and thoughts on why the narrative is so difficult, which would probably merit some kind of paper in itself. But I’m happy. I hope I inspired someone to pick up some cameras, a rift and figure out their way of doing it.

By Brenden Gibbons, writer and technical lead of Dyskinetic

Fourth speaker announcement!

jane-op-de-radioOne of our speakers for the Creative Lab evening is Jane Trapman. She is an IMEM alumni who took a Master in Imagineering. Therefore, she gained the title ‘Master in Business Innovation’. Jane Trapman will be speaking about imagineering. Imagineering is another way of looking at things. Imagineers look at the empirical data reports, however they also follow their ‘guts feeling’. It is about thinking different and being innovative. Imagineers look for good experiences because a good experience keeps consumers at your company. Companies do not just sell products, they also have to sell identity and stories. Want to learn more about imagineering and how it works? Then you should join the Creative Lab evening!

Third speaker announcement

MixblocksThe speaker Stefan Lugtigheid, an MMI alumnus, will talk about Mixblocks. Mixblocks started as a hobby project for making music in a more intuitive way. It became a business of five people looking for possible commercial opportunities.  However, they want to go back to their roots because it did not fit their thought of “music for all the people”. Now they want to involve enthusiastic people to make it a successful open source project. Dou you think you can do it better than the men at Mixblocks? And have some experience in starting/participating in an open source project? Then we challenge you to come to the Creative Lab!

Check out the Mixblocks demo here.

Second speaker announcement

mataDr. Mata Haggis worked as an animator, and indie games/digital media developer for seven years before joining the mainstream games industry. He had his animations shown on a major television network across Europe and worked for clients of all sizes. Along with the successes there were also some failures, and this short talk will be about the lessons learnt from these experiences, and the opportunities today that were not available fifteen years ago.

Mata is a games & narrative designer, with a broad range of creative interests spanning oil painting to circus performance. He is the head of the Design & Production department at IGAD.

You can check out some of his artwork here.

First speaker announcement

First speaker announcement!

Felicia Wijnveen is a graduating IMEM student who got a hang of the sharing economy. Examples that are already out there like and show that by this change in the economy, consumers themselves gain power. Especially because of the online possibilities in society. She will tell more about her graduation project ‘Fashion Swapp‘. On her page she writes:

“Take a critical look into your wardrobe. Are you seriously going to wear that item again? Or is it a typical case of a bad buy? Give yourself a profile and upload pictures of your items. Filter on distance and size. Then explore and search for items you are interested in. If you have found something, click on it. A request is automatically sent to the owner with the question if she wants to look at your items as well. If there is a match you are able to chat and arrange a swap date. You can meet up, so no sending difficulties and costs are involved. You can meet at home or somewhere in the city center, that is up to you. Or have a coffee together, so you get to know your fellow citizens.”

Before her talk, she has a try out event in Breda. Join her event on the 9th of March and the talk on the 13th!


Performatory’s ‘Gearbox’ looking for participants

Today during an open meeting of the Creative Lab we had a visit from the Performatory. They have told us about a very inspiring project they are working on right now called ‘De Versnellingsbak‘ (The Gearbox). In this project they want to, in a week’s time, visit governments, organizations, businesses, freelancers, networking and / or initiatives to help with their challenge. This because of their conviction that solutions lie in adding fresh people with new perspectives, ideas and energy. Whether they will have to help in hosting, programming, communication, developing a plan, organize brainstorm sessions, concept development or marketing activities. They will do the job as good as they can.

Now they are looking for participants to record their progress and develop several video’s, among which a teaser. Are you the one we are looking for? Or perhaps you have an additional idea? Let us know via and be sure to join in on this project!